Money Markets

A Decentralized Marketplace for Lenders and Borrowers with Borderless Stablecoins.
Access an immutable money market protocol directly on-chain.
All Venus Protocol assets are bound by the BEP-20.
Built on Binance Smart Chain for fast, secure, and low cost transactions.
Venus enables the world's first decentralized stablecoin, VAI, built on Binance Smart Chain that is backed by a basket of stablecoins and crypto assets without centralized control.

Earn interest on your assets

Funds held within the protocol can earn generous APY's based on the market demand for that asset. Interest is earned by the block and can be used as collateral to borrow assets or to mint stablecoins.
*Rates displayed above are currently for illustrative purposes. Actual rates will vary and will be determined by the protocol.

Money Markets built on Binance Smart Chain

You can now tokenize your assets utilizing the Binance Smart Chain and receive portable vTokens that you can freely move around to cold storage, transfer to other users, and more.
Borrow On-Demand

Access instant liqudity on Venus

Use your vToken collateral to borrow from the Venus Protocol instantly with no trading fees, no slippage and directly on-chain. With Venus, you have on-demand liquidity available globally.